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Considering completing the GDL online? This guide is focused on GDL distance learning and will explain how these kinds of flexible GDL courses are structured. It will also highlight the benefits of studying the GDL online, fees involved and several online GDL providers.

GDL Distance Learning Overview

GDL distance learning gives students who aren’t in a position to physically attend lectures and seminars the opportunity to gain the GDL qualification remotely.

That means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re based near your prospective law school or not. You will still be eligible to study the law conversion course online.

Studying an online GDL course can be done either full time or part-time. The main difference between the two types of online courses is that studying the course part-time will spread the content over two years instead of one.

Studying the GDL online will involve learning about the following seven compulsory LLB subjects:

Tort law
Criminal law
Contract law
Public law
European Union law
Equity and trusts law
Land law

How Does GDL Distance Learning Work?

A GDL distance learning course requires you to have a good internet connection, as you’ll have to access lectures, tutorials, informal assessments and resources online.

Studying the GDL online means you need to be extra organised with your time, especially if you are working at the same time.

It’s worth noting that some providers will require you to attend occasionally (usually on weekends). If this is an issue, it’s best to check with the individual institution beforehand. 

If attending in person is not an option for you, some providers such as BPP offer students the opportunity to study the course entirely online. Please note that GDL exams may have to be taken onsite, however.

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Wondering How to Fund Your GDL?

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GDL Online Institutions

Not every institution offers the option to study a GDL online course. Below are some of the online GDL courses available to non-law students wanting to convert: 

InstitutionCourse TypePrice (2019/20)Month of Entry
University of Central LancashireFT & PT£7,500January or September
BPPFT & PT£11,590September or January
University of LawFT & PT£9,350January or September
Leeds Beckett UniversityFT & PT£6,000January or September
Northumbria UniversityFT£8,500September
Nottingham Trent UniversityPT£4,350 (per year)September
University of West EnglandPT (2 years)£4,000 (per year)September

Fees correct as of September 2019. Please check the individual institutions’ websites for the most up-to-date information.

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GDL Online Funding

Studying law can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, you can’t use a student loan to fund the GDL, but many of the above institutions offer GDL scholarships.

Universities may also allow flexible payment options so you don’t necessarily need to pay the full fees upfront.

You can also get sponsorship through a law firm if you manage to secure a training contract before you begin.

You can find out more on financing your GDL law online qualification with our GDL Funding page here >>

Duration of the GDL Online

Some of the universities above will do the online course either in one year full-time (BPPUniversity of LawLancashire allow this, as well part-time options), or the course will run over two years (Northumbria and Nottingham do not have a one year option). 

Whether you complete the course over one year or two will be guided by decisions, including arranging funding, current jobs and time needed for training contract applications. 

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GDL Online Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for online GDL courses are generally the same as those for on-campus courses.

However, some of the institutions have other specific specifications. For example, if you were to choose University of Law’s I-GD’, you’d be required to do up to 50 hours of pre-study of a course called Legal Method, which introduces you to the English legal system before you start the GDL.

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Benefits of Studying the GDL Online

There are several benefits to taking a GDL distance learning course. They include:

  • Always having access to learning resources online so you can go over a subject you’re having problems with as many times as you want
  • Being able to study in your own time. If you’re studying law as a mature student, for example, you may have other commitments such as work and family life
  • Not having to relocate to be closer to your chosen law school, You can save money and the hassle of moving to a new place this way
  • Being able to save money because the flexible work schedule means you don’t necessarily have to leave your job

Disadvantages of GDL Distance Learning

Similarly, there are some disadvantages to studying online. They include:

  • Not being able to build a rapport with fellow students on the course
  • Sometimes missing out on things like pro bono projects which require physical attendance
  • Having to have more self-discipline because you will be responsible for creating your own learning schedule

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