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When you’re deciding on law firms to apply to, you’ve got to think about the following:

  • Whether you are looking for a traditional law firm setting or an in-house legal department
  • Whether you’re interested in commercial, criminal or high street practice
  • The size and location of the law firms/organisations

Remember, you’re going to be at the firm or organisation for two years, so make sure you apply to those that suit your personality and career goals so that you can get the most out of your experience. For more information on the training contract application process, visit our application guide.

When Are the Training Contract Application Deadlines?

When to apply for opportunities depends on your chosen study route and law firm.

Study RouteWhen to Apply
Three-year qualifying law degreeYour second year
Three-year non-law degreeYour third year
Four-year qualifying law degreeYour third year
Four-year non-law degreeYour fourth year

Some larger law firms hire trainee solicitors two years in advance, while smaller law firms tend to recruit on an ad hoc basis.

See below for precise training contract deadlines for specific law firms.

Training Contract Deadlines Table

Please note that while these training contract deadlines are maintained to the best of our ability, we always recommend checking sensitive dates on the relevant law firm website.

Having trouble deciding on the type of law firm to choose for your training contract? Take our two-minute quiz!
What Type of Law Firm Should I Apply to?

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